The Miniature Steakhouse, Mr. Danger – Tokyo

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Are you someone who goes to an unknown city with a guidebook or two, searching furiously to find a place to eat when it comes to meal time? Or you are someone who does a thorough search on the internet to find the best gourmet place within your budget and then Google map it so you know exactly where and how to go?

Either of them is fine but I would encourage you to be even more adventurous by leaving your guidebook in the hotel room, pushing your next elaborately planned and scheduled meal for tomorrow and let’s explore using your nose and your own common sense to find a place to eat, just like a dog.

And that’s how I found this restaurant, Mr Danger. Hidden in a back road behind the Sensoji temple in Asakusa, Mr. Danger sends out the mouth-watering aroma of steak cooking, which overpowers any other food craving a human being might have. I followed the smell hypnotically to the small…no…tiny restaurant.

The place only housed an L-shaped counter with no more than 8 seats around it and 3 tables which seated only another 6-8 people. The chefs are cooking behind the counter and that’s it–no other kitchen. This restaurant isn’t any bigger than 450 sq.ft or 40 sq.m. That’s how small it is, but filled with gigantic, yummy aroma.

Mr Danger - Tokyo by The High Heel Gourmet

The food here is simple but delicious. They serve mostly steaks. The “hamburg” steak is simply seasoned ground beef mixed with ground pork and formed into a patty just like hamburger meat. They have tenderized beef steaks and a few other dishes.

I ordered the steak and my sister, who doesn’t eat beef, ordered sliced pork stir fried with ginger. The set order comes with a bowl of salad and a bowl of spicy soup. The salad dressing here is divine and I strongly recommend it. The meal is also served with a bowl of rice and vegetables.

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Later, after I asked my friend to translate their business card and found out that this hole-in-the-wall Mr. Danger was once featured on a TV show called ” Pittanko Kan Kan”, and is owned by a famous pro-wrestler named Mitsuhiro Matsunaga.


2-28-21 Asakusa Taito-ku
(between Kokusai Dori and Basha Dori on Gonmon Dori) See map on the business card


When: Opened Tuesday – Sunday

11:00am to 2 pm
5:30pm to 8:00pm


Steak baby, but this ginger pork was quite good too.

Mr Danger - Tokyo by The High Heel Gourmet 3

Other Locations

Mr.Danger has 2 other locations

Tachibana, (this is original one) 3-2-12 Tanaka building 1st floor, Tachibana, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan

Kinshicho, 2-3-4 Taihei Sumida-ku Tokyo Japan

Business hour changes at location so please contact them for business time.

Thanks to Miss Mimi again who help translated all the information

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4 thoughts on “The Miniature Steakhouse, Mr. Danger – Tokyo

  1. We were walking around the area of the temple when we found Mr. Danger steakhouse… What a treat! tiny but quite adequate and the food was awesome! And where else can one find a first class steak lunch with salad, corn and beans for the equivalent of $12 USD? Terrific experience.

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