Spicy Tuna in a nutshell!

Spicy Tuna by The High Heel Gourmet

If you like sushi and eat it in a sushi restaurant in the US, of course you know the spicy tuna roll. Even though you might not order one for yourself, you’ve seen it. How about crispy rice with spicy tuna on top? (By the way, if you never consider raw fish as a form of human food, you are beyond help, never mind, just disregard this post.)

Spicy Tuna by The High Heel Gourmet 2

Spicy tuna is very simple.


1) Tuna 6-8 oz

If you can’t get sushi grade tuna, it’s okay as long as it’s fresh. I buy my tuna from a Japanese market but I don’t get the block that they cut for sushi. I get the strips of tuna meat because you are going to chop them, so the big beautiful piece isn’t going to be any different than the strips. Be careful and don’t buy the piece that has so much membrane within the meat. That prevents you from making a smooth, creamy texture when you chop it.

If you don’t have a Japanese market nearby,  just get tuna steak from your local grocery store. If you can’t get tuna at all and want to use other fish, you can too. Just don’t pick a white fish.

2) Mayonnaise  1-2 tablespoons

3) Sriracha sauce  1-3 teaspoons

4) Spicy sesame oil or regular black sesame oil  1-3 teaspoons

5) Kikkoman Soy sauce  1 tablespoon

6) Agave nectar  1 teaspoon (You can use any syrup or honey, or no sugar at all)


1) Cut up the tuna into small pieces and then start to chop it. Your finished spicy tuna texture is up to your preference. I like mine almost fine, with small pieces in it.

2) Once the tuna starts to break down to small pieces, add all the ingredients and chop and chop and chop some more until all ingredients are mixed well with the tuna meat.

3) Taste it…everything can be added to the mix to adjust the taste.

I am not talking about complicated French rilette here. You should be able to make this dish just fine with no trouble.


You can serve it as a dip, with crackers or vegetables, but the best is to serve it with crispy rice crackers.

Spicy Tuna by The High Heel Gourmet 1 (1)

Spicy Tuna by The High Heel Gourmet 2 (1)

If you do, serve it using crispy sushi rice. I dress mine with jalapeno, cilantro and a few drops of eel sauce (sweet sauce) or ponzu (soy sauce mixed with the citrus of your choice). Sometime I even add the salmon roe on top for another layer to make the flavor even more more complex.

Spicy Tuna by The High Heel Gourmet 1

Forget about serving, just eat it off the cutting board with your hands!

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